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Specific Problem Inspection

This is for inspecting and making a diagnosis for any specific problem, without a full inspection. I go at your place to determine any occuring problem, I.E. concrete cracks, roof shingles state, water infiltration, mould, etc. For a minimum charge, plus hourly rate, I will also give you recommendations about the problem, how to fix the problem and what to do to avoid future problems.

Electric systems inspection
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JR Inspections inspects the complete electric system of a house... read more

Structures inspection
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Plumbing inspection
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JR Inspections inspects every plumbing aspect of a house. Pressure and sewer pipes, types used, ... read more

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For any type of roof structure present, JR Inspections will discern if there are problems or if its wear... read more

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JR Inspection is a foundations expert! With 14 years experience in concrete formwork, this aspect has no secrets for him! ... read more

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Verifying insulation is important to JR Inspections. In the attic, basement and anywhere insulation is visible ... read more

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