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French drain Inspection

JR Inspections is equipped with an Optic Fibre Camera for inspection of French drains, pipes, or to locate your septic tank. Here are the advantages for using this kind of inspection:

• To verify the actual state of your French drain, iron ochre, collapsed drain or malfunctioning of the drain. This inspection includes a written report with recommendations for how to correct your problem and a color video of the inspection on an USB Flash Memory Bar. We also give you a sub contractor list of expert for doing the work. We have expertise for iron ochre problems in French drains as we worked with APCHQ and a local soil engineer company on the problem for a few years. Having worked in concrete formwork for many years as well as into building homes, we were dealing in an area affected by that bacteria. You can really rely on us for a thorough and efficient diagnosis!

• To locate the exact place where drain collapsed, or where the drain problem is. Our camera is also equipped with a sonde/transmitter, and with our locator, we'll tell you exactly where the excavation has to be done. You save time and money with this equipment, plus you don't have to tear off the whole yard, only the part that needs to be excavated!

• To locate your septic tank when you're not exactly sure where it is. Using the camera with sonde/transmitter and locator, it's kid stuff to find where the tank is, in a short time, you will know where to dig to have it emptied, saving hours of hand digging! This task isn't expensive and is at your advantage!

• Cast iron pipes verification, to determine if they need to be changed. As we know, metal pipes rust over the years, creating blockage in the pipes. A camera inspection will tell you the actual state of the pipes, an USB Flash Memory Bar with the video is included in this type of inspection and a list of plumbers to call for doing the job.

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