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/// Information - ROOF

The roof inspection

For any type of roof structure present, JR Inspections will discern if there are problems or if it's wear. He will determine how long the roof can last before the needs for redoing it.

The valleys, flashings, roof vents, asphalt shingles, multilayer tar flat roofs, membranes, ice and water shields, the type of material used for decking, their ventilation, which could affect the material lifespan and create mould, even rot, chimneys, skylights, and more.

JR Inspections walks on the roofs when conditions permit, except when there is snow, ice or if the slope is too steep. Telephoto camera and/or binoculars are also used to inspect roofs when impossible to walk on it.

Here are prematurely worn roof shingles caused primarily by deficient attic insulation. Inadequate ventilation also causes this kind of premature degradation.

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