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Plumbing inspection

JR Inspections inspects every plumbing aspect on a house.

Pressure and sewer pipes, types used, plumbing ventilation, floor drains, sump pump, water pressure, hot water tank, plumbing accessories, washer and dryer connections, backwater valve, connection irregularities, etc.

With more than 32 years in construction and renovation business, being supported by certified licensed plumbers, JR Inspections won't let anything unchecked on the current plumbing state of a house.

Rely on JR Inspections for a complete and professional inspection report!

Here's an inefficient plumbing vent. Instead of venting outside through the attic, this pipe was capped inside the wall back of the bathtub. In this case, toilet takes long to empty and a bad smell (sewer) is noticeable in the house.

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